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Aircraft equipment manuals and flight manuals. (a) Prior to conducting a Part 135 flight or series of flights, at least one management person who is a direct employee listed in operations specification A006, Management Personnel, or a management person designee who is a part 135 flight operations manual direct employee of the certificate holder, other than a pilot assigned to the specific flight or series of flights, must determine and have sufficient knowledge of the following:. The management of change involves a systematic approach to monitoring organizational change and is a critical part of the risk management. 1 The Operations Manual may be a single volume or be composed of a suite of volumes. PART 135 OPERATIONS SOFTWARE DESIGNED FOR PILOTS.

The applicant must apply, qualify, and be granted FAA authorization thru OpSpecs for each type of operation they wish to conduct. 133 must— (1) Include instructions and information necessary to allow the personnel concerned to perform their duties and responsibilities with a high degree of safety;. . Part 135 Certification and Manual Support Experienced guidance is essential when drafting a Part 135 Certification and Manual support. 617 Pre-flight risk analysis. Part 135 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) and its associated Manual of Standards consolidates the regulatory requirements that will apply in addition to, or in substitution for, the general operating and flight rules prescribed in Part 91, when using smaller aeroplanes for air transport operations.

(a) Each manual required by §121. Part 135 General Operations Manual (GOM) Flight Operations Manual (FOM) Part 135 Training Manuals Training Manual Profiles and Maneuver Descriptions. When it comes to helicopters, Part 135 must be your constant companion. regional and major airlines) Part 133: Rules governing external load operations for helicopters.

We can supplement courses with guidance from your Flight Operations Manual and OpSpecs. Free Flight A safe and efficient flight operating capability under instrument flight rules in which the operators have the freedom to select a path and speed in real time. FAR Part 91 and Part 135. 81 (c) requires that Part 135 operators maintain a current flight manual (or the equivalent information for certain aircraft certified without a flight manual) for each part 135 flight operations manual aircraft used in their air transportation operations. Part 91 guidance should only be used in the absence of any corresponding guidance in Part 135 or 133. Part 135 General Operations Manual - This is a high-level, professionally driven manual that covers your flight operations, records, organization, and how you will operate. There are potential pitfalls and unnecessary costs that can arise during the certification process, so it is important to have a plan in place, and to thoroughly.

Visual rules can be used when the pilot can use his sight to fly the plane, while instrument flight rules involve the use of flight instruments to operate the aircraft rather than sight. “Start- ing a Part 135 Operation” is intended to simplify the process and help operators understand what will be required of them throughout it. Part 91: General operating and flight rules (general aviation) Part 121: Rules for scheduled air carriers (ie. Under part 135, a pilot&39;s flight time may not exceed how many hours in a calendar quarter?

Operations Manual. International Flight Information Manual (for foreign operations). Air traffic restrictions are imposed only to ensure separation, to preclude exceeding airport capacity, to prevent unauthorized flight through Operations Specifications. Part 135 Manuals. 287 testing requirement. Complete Flight was designed with the pilot in mind.

, 91K & Part 135 Approved with Custom Options. Part 135 Letter of Compliance. Based off FAA regulations and resources, this resource breaks down the types of 135 operating certificates and provides guidance on what may be required to achieve certification. Also, it covers the rules on people on board of these types of aircraft. A major differentiation specified in FAR Part 135 is whether the pilot is using IFR (instrument flight rules) or VFR (visual flight rules). A Basic FAR Part 135 Operator is a certificate holder who will use more than one pilot in command and no more than five pilots in total, including seconds in command.

Starting a new Part 135 charter operation from scratch is a complex process, but with the right guidance and support part 135 flight operations manual the process can be made less time-consuming and frustrating. ) If you have that, and there are no published non-standard takeoff minimums, you can take off. We’ve simplified the process of recording Part 135 documentation, allowing pilots to quickly and intuitively file manifests. FAA Clarification of Policy Regarding Credit for Previous Part 135 Training and Checking Feb. All the modules are integrated and data flows seamlessly and automatically between scheduling, flight logs, maintenance and compliance. Basic indoc (airman and operator-specific), CRM, HazMat, and if applicable, speciality curriculums to match your training program, GOM, and OpSpecs. Preparation of an Operations Manual.

This manual has been written to address sUAS operations as they existed when it was drafted. 225(f) to permit part 135 operations at foreign and military airports with lower than standard IFR minimums. Section/division FLIGHT OPERATIONS Form Number: CA 135-08 PART 135 OPERATIONS MANUAL APPROVAL CHECKLIST CAMARCH Page 1 of 26 OPERATIONS MANUAL FOR Operator Class of Licence Type of Air Service Category of Aircraft THE OM IS COMPLIANT THE OM IS NON-COMPLIANT APPROVED NOT APPROVED. . (There is no standard ceiling. Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 121, § 121. Operations in areas such as Isle of Man and San Marino for example require Maintenance Control Manuals (MCM) and Operations Manuals that encompass many of the US Part 135 requirements (mass & balance, flight and duty limits, HAZMAT), and Safety Management Systems are required in just about all countries.

Part 135 - Operating Requirements: Commuter And On Demand Operations And Rules Governing Persons On Board Such Aircraft PART 135 - OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: COMMUTER AND ON DEMAND OPERATIONS AND RULES GOVERNING PERSONS ON BOARD SUCH AIRCRAFT Authority: 49 U. It is large and very comprehensive because it has to be, not only from an operational point of view but from compliance and even a company legal protection view. Includes the following documentation: Under Part 135, the standard takeoff minimum for aircraft with two engines or less is 1 statute mile or 5000 RVR. These programs provide initial and recurrent training to satisfy your training training program and the. FAR Part 135 Training A selection of courses to meet Part 135 ground training and testing requirements. We have developed detailed processes and systems in order to produce an air carrier system to each operator’s specifications. Our custom aviation solution manuals include: Flight Operations Manuals (Single Pilot and Multi-Crew Operations, Reciprocating, Turbprop, Turbojet and Helicopter, Less than 19 and more than 19 passengers.

We support Part 91, Part NCC, Bermuda, Cayman, Isle of Man and other regulatory authorities. Global Span Aviation Group has been creating custom manuals since. (a) Each certificate holder conducting helicopter air ambulance operations must establish, and part 135 flight operations manual document in its operations manual, an FAA -approved preflight risk analysis that includes at least the following -. 507) Subpart L - Helicopter Air Ambulance Equipment, Operations, and Training Requirements (§§ 135. Volumes of an Operations Manual.

A number of useful examples are set-out in the annexes to this CAAP and in ICAO’s. , change over time. SDG&E’s operations, all ASD passenger flights are required to follow the rules prescribed in Part 135 unless specific permission to deviate from Part 135 is granted from ASD in writing, or such rules are wholly inapplicable. Part 135 Manual Order Form General (Flight) Operations Manual (GOM) The GOM is a segment of the operator’s manual system. Aircraft Flight Manual Part 135, § 135. 135 — Manual contents. 106(f), 106(g), 40113, 41706,, 44705, 44709,,.

Part 135 deals with commuter and on-demand operations. Part 135 General Operations Manual - This is a high-level, professionally driven manual that covers your flight operations, records, organization, and how you will operate. Our flight operations manuals are updated several times a year, based on best practices and operator / auditor feedback, so it remains current in a constantly changing aviation environment. Part 135 operations with aircraft certificated for 9 or less passengers may be conducted under either a Basic or Standard certificate. Includes the following documentation:. Fly Certs specializes in certifications services for Part 135 operations.

Part 135: Rules for commuter and on-demand operations (ie corporate & government & all helicopter ops) Part 141: Rules for flight schools. Prior to flight, the pilot in command shall ensure all passengers have been orally briefed on smoking, use of seat belts, entry doors and emergency exits, and location and operation of fire extinguishers. A standard part 135 operator is a certificate holder that does not have pre-set limits on the available size or scope of their operations. This manual is recommended for operators who already have an FAA/EASA Approved DRVSM or RVSM Airspace Americas Program Manual and are requesting additional FAA & ICAO Authorizations for NAT-HLA/RNP 1, 2, 4, & 10/BRNAV-RNAV5/PRNAV. The General Operations Manual (GOM) contains the majority of the policy and procedure for the Part 135 operator.

This is true for cargo, flying tours, passenger helicopters, etc. Our Flight Operations Manuals. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that the GOM contain guidance for flight, ground, and management personnel during the conduct of the operator’s operations.

General Maintenance Manuals (GMM) Approved Aircraft Inspection Programs (AAIP) Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) Non essential furnishings (NEF. approved flight manual, etc. This implies corporate, government, and helicopter operations.

It must contain operational guidance for flight, ground, and management personnel. 621) SUBPART ; Appendix A to Part 135 - Additional Airworthiness Standards for 10 or More Passenger Airplanes; Appendix B to Part 135 - Airplane Flight Recorder. 21 require that each operator prepare and keep current a manual. Subpart K - Hazardous Materials Training Program (§§ 135.

CAOCTOBER Page 1 of 20 Section/division: FLIGHT OPERATIONS Form Number: CA 121-18a Telephone number:Fax Number:Physical address: Ikhaya Lokundiza, 16 Treur Close, Waterfall Park, 10 Bekker Street, Midrand, Gauteng. It contains information and instructions on the manner in which SPEC Incorporated flight operations shall be conducted.

Part 135 flight operations manual

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